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New School for Social Research Masters


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I was wondering what all of you think of New School's Master's program. Some people have told me that it's an easy program to get into and hardly anyone gets rejected. Im also curious to know how NSSR's anthro masters compares to the one at Hunter College CUNY which costs far less (NSSR 28k vs Hunter 2-3k). Comments from students who attend or have attended NSSR would be helpful!

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well, i attended both hunter and nssr, the former as an undergrad (and later took some grad classes) and the latter for my MA. i wasn't particularly fond of the ma program at hunter, with the exception of the classes that were cross-listed w/ the phd program at the graduate center. the program seemed pretty poor on the advising front. the grad students i knew there were not assigned advisors when they entered the program. it was up to them to find them when it came to thesis writing time. it's also a 4 field department, so be prepared to take requirements in bio, ling, and arch too. in comparison, new school is strictly socio-cultural. i found the program to be pretty theory heavy, which I thought was useful. that said, the funding is *terrible* and the best professor in the dept (hylton white) just left. i had planned to stay on for the phd, but decided to apply elsewhere b/c of the funding. yet, having my MA from there opened quite a few doors for me, at least i think it did. anyway, nssr does admit quite a few students to the ma program, but not all are accepted into the phd program, so i don't think the quality of the program suffers from the number of students. also, all the folks in the dept are well respected in the field.

hope that helps.

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