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How to explain change of field

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I'm looking for input to explain why I changed my field from electronics to biology. I majored in electronics from a reputable university in India. I came to USA for pursuing masters of engineering in  biomedical engineering where I got an opportunity to study in-vivo pharmacology of nanoparticle based drug delivery vehicles. This experience ignited my interest in biomedical sciences and then after my graduation I began to work for few years before I went back to grad school to get my Ph.D to confirm my passion before I make a life time commitment. Its been 4 years and I have done all my home work to start gradschool next year. I'm now trying to develop statement of purpose to I need some advice on addressing the change of major from engineering to biology.

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Just state the how/why/what/when you knew what you wanted to do - the current field of study. Then explain how the lessons you've learned from the old field of study will help you in the new field. Never imply your old field was a mistake or that you had to "course correct." You just have taken a different path - not a "bad" one. Explain how your unique path will make you a good candidate and express your interest in the field.

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