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Looking for a paper


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Hi, mi name is Hernán Rodriguez. I'm a student from Argentina. I'm looking for a paper entitled "Football Clubs and Civic Associations: Influential Men, Barrios and Football In Buenos Aires between the Two World Wars." by Joel Horowitz. I coudn't find it neither for download or for online reading. So, I'd like to know if someone who got this paper could shares to me or give me at least some information about where to find it. 


I apologize for my bad english. Thanks for your help. 

Best regards 

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Could you find any link to the paper, even if it's not accessible to you? I can't really find any link and I also don't see any citations of this paper. I'm not sure how good your chances are of finding anyone who happens to have a pdf of this paper. Have you tried contacting the author for a copy of the paper? 

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Hi. No, I couldn't find anything. Just a few internet pages in which the paper is mentioned, that's all. But I'll try writing to the author, that's a good advice. I hope have some luck! Thanks!  

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