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Master's in IT from high ranked university vs Master's in CS from lower university


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rank information from timeshighereducation

I am in a dilemma here. So basically I have applied to few colleges in Australia and New Zealand. ( I am of BCA background from India. ) I applied for Master in Information Technology (Professional) and got offer letter from Deakin University (ranked 351-400 )waiting for other universities with their reply which includes Monash university ranked [99].

Also on the second thought I applied to Master of Computer Science from Victoria University (Sydney study center) ( cannot find the rank www.vu.edu.au/vu-sydney ) awaiting for Wollongong (ranked 301-350 ) reply

Now My question is If I get offered MCS what shall I do. Should I choose MCS from low ranked university or go with MIT with High ranked university.

I love computers hardware software everything. I like both CS syllabus and IT syllabus. But I want to know the answer on the basis of getting a high salaried job in Australia right after the completion of the program.

I crossed the ranking and reputation on topuniversities.com and still the question remains the same as theres same almost rank different between the universities.

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Honestly I don't think prestige is be a big factor if the divide is from 351-400, to 301-350.


Go where suits you best.

Thanks for the reply mate.  I got offer from Deakin for IT (351-400 ) and Victoria for CS but Victoria University, Sydney is not even ranked. mate. "Victoria University (Sydney study center) ( cannot find the rank www.vu.edu.au/vu-sydney ) "


So would like a fast reply. Thanks. I want to know the answer on the basis of getting a high salaried job in Australia right after the completion of the program.

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The answer isn't as simple as higher rank = higher salary & job



A lot more goes into it, including many personal factors like how hard you will work while in graduate school - will you have publications, will you actually to be an indepnedent researcher?  Are you hoping to stay in academia post-graduation?  How far in Australia would you be willing to travel?


Other factors will be school specific, who will be your graduate supervisor and how successful are they?  While overall school prestige generally won't be as important, faculty prestige and overall competence is important - how does the university score in this regard?


Then there are other factors outside your control, what is the job market like in Australia?  What would you predict it to be by the time you finish graduate school?  How many universities are there and what would be a reasonable bet that they will be hiring new faculty?  If on the otherhand you don't want to work in academia, is a ph.d actually going to help you land a job somewhere - often a bachelors degree and examples of your work are how you get hired in CS (a ph.d. might even make you look out of place in some cases).





Ultimately though, graduate school particularly for academia is a risk and there is little you can do to completely remove this risk.  Its a fruit of passion, that often people sacrifice money for, so as general advise, if your end and most important goal is to have a high salary you might be better off conisdering other options.

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Thanks for your time and reply. 


Well. I understand What you are saying. It totally depends on my effort and How I come out of it. 


About the rank, I think those are based on factors you have mentioned. 


Now, I guess CS>IT and Rank 301>no rank. Correct me If I am wrong


But When we put CS+ no rank and IT + 301 How it is compared

Also I want to mention that. victoria university offers CS in its study center in sydney and not in a real campus in melbourne. 


and its not like Am very good in programming and not in other things. I know PC's and am equal in all the areas. 



Thanks again. 


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