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MA in East Asian Studies-No idea what to think of my profile (glaring weaknesses)


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The reason I'm posting this thread is more "what level of schools it is reasonable to think about?" than "am I competitive for schools X, Y, and Z?" I have some pretty horrible weaknesses and I'm wondering just how bad they are for my chances of doing anything.

Undergraduate institution: State school around 50-70 in USNW rankings.
Undergraduate GPA: "3.85" i failed my entire first semester (fall 09). Since then, I've gotten one C+ and all As. I've retaken 3/4 of the classes I failed (the other has never been offered again!), which boosts my official GPA, but the Fs don't get removed from the transcript, so my real GPA is more like a 3.5
Undergraduate Major: History, Political Science, Economics
GRE: 170/170/5.0


And that's all I have. No useful work or research experience of any sort. I have good relations with several professors (including a couple who recently encouraged me to go studying history in graduate school), but given the lack of any research they can't exactly say much about my qualifications and ability. The only other vaguely relevant fact I can think of is that  I'm currently in an intensive language study program in China and have taken language classes for two years.



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