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Interview Before Application Deadline


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Hey Everyone,

   I had an interview with my dream university last night and it is ten days before the application deadline. I'm wondering, has anyone ever had an interview before the application deadline? Is this a common practice? I did a google search and couldn't find one way or another. The interview went well and they told me that I would receive a response in 2-3 weeks. Can anyone provide me with any idea if an interview before the application deadline means anything more than what it is?

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Yes and yes. If it's a sort of program that has a certain number of slots.. the earlier they find people the happier they are. The deadline isn't always "the last possible time we'll consider people" but rather "When we close up shop for the season - PS: We sold out of canned corn a month ago."


Sometimes the decisions were made months ago. Also, some of those people may get in elsewhere as well and then they need to fill the slots.


It's not always "oh, you're great, come to my school" - moreso "you're great, we have a slot, welcome aboard!" and sometime "you're great! we're full! better luck next time"

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