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Questions about score reporting... why is ETS so confusing? :/


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Hi all!


I'll be taking both the general GRE and the psychology subject GRE in the next few weeks. On top of being nervous about the actual content of the tests, I'm freaking out about all the ins and outs of selecting and sending scores to schools (I'm applying to clinical psych PhD programs, most with Dec 1 deadlines, but one with a Nov 15 deadline).


I've tried searching the ETS website for these answers but I just seem to get more confused reading through all their mumbo jumbo. My questions are:


  • I was looking at an "example" score report on ETS (the one they send to schools) and it had spaces for both the general and subject test scores. Do you have the option to send/not send subject test scores when selecting which general scores to send (and vice-versa)? Or is the subject score section just left blank on the form sent that reports your general score (and vice-versa)? In other words... I'm taking the subject test two weeks before the general test... so it is a waste of money to send separate subject test score reports to schools if the subject scores are going to show up on the general test score report anyway??
  • Assuming the reporting is separate for both of the tests... Only a few of the schools I'm applying to require the psych GRE, but if I happen to do really well on it, I'd want to send my scores to all of the schools... would it be appropriate/ok to send along an "unofficial" score report of my psych GRE scores to schools not actually requiring it? My understanding is you can print free unofficial reports from the website. This way, they'd see my scores but I wouldn't have to pay $25 per school to send an official report. Or would that just look cheap/desperate...?


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On printing - I used print outs when i was general interviewing. The way theatre works, you spend a lot of time interviewing and then are "asked" to formally apply to the school. So with that, I'd show up at schools after some intial contact, have an interview, and at that point fork over a folder with my resume, scores, copy of transcript, digital copy of my portfolio, reccomendation contacts, etc.. and then wait to hear back in a little bit.


This is not how all programs work and certainly not how even a majority of schools will do it. If you're in a situation where you'll be mass interviewing or mingle, like a conference, it's good to have a little "packet" ready to go. But otherwise, if you're showing a school and actually applying it needs to be formally sent.

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