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Master's Programs to support a Contemporary Art thesis


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I'm looking to get a master's degree in Art History so that I can teach (community college is fine for me for now).   My area of interest is feminist street art, with a likely focus on Latin America.


I am not finding many programs that look like they could support my interest.


Recommendations? Thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

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the MA programs at Bard and CCA both focus on contemporary art (CCA's visual/critical studies program might be an especially conducive place to tackle a project on street art culture):


Bard: http://www.bgc.bard.edu/programs/graduate-degree-programs/ma-program.html

CCA: http://www.cca.edu/academics/graduate/visual-critical-studies


also, though, i wouldn't rule out programs that don't focus explicitly on contemporary art... teaching at the community college level, you'll likely be asked to teach survey/intro classes... so taking a breadth of coursework might serve you well. and almost every top MA program has at least one or two faculty in contemporary art/visual studies who would be able to support your interests (ondine chavoya at williams, for example - http://latino-studies.williams.edu/profile/ochavoya/).


the upshot: in addition to looking at programs as a whole, look at the research interests of the individual faculty members who teach and advise MA papers in the programs.


good luck!

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Not sure you need to look that far afield to New York or Williamstown.  If you are in Fontucky, have you considered UC Riverside?  It's close and has funded a funded MA program with professors who teach in contemporary.  I'm not sure whether UC Irvine has a terminal MA but might be worth a look as well.

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