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Greetings!  I will be doing applications next year for fall 2015. I'm currently finding information on programs and funding.  I have two goals a) build a stronger body of work and B) receive teaching credentials. I've been focusing my search in the US mostly since I'm in NC. Since I am extremely broke I've been looking at programs with funding and family housing (I've a son and husband). Recently I came across information on Concordia University in Montreal. I'm wondering a few things. A how well does a foreign degree translate when looking for positions. (I'm fine with staying in Canada permanently as well.) Is it better to go for Universities with higher ranking programs?  I'm looking at UOregon, UWashington, UCLA, VCU and UMichigan.  Or is it better to go with schools that you prefer their faculty and facilities?  If I choose a low ranking school would it make it more difficult to get a position at a college later on?  I'm looking for a bit of guidance, thank you if you can help!!! 

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