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Rolling admissions question


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My first deadline is Dec. 1st, however, the program is already accepting applications. Their website (phd program in bio FYI) says that once your application is complete then it will be reviewed. I am worried that if I wait and submit my application closer to December then there will be a lot more applications to compete against. On the other hand, if I submit my application now, then the program may think that they will get better applications in the coming months and deny me...

Has anyone dealt with rolling admissions or have any advice for me. I planned on retaking the GRE in late October and figured my application would be complete by late November, but now I'm thinking that I should try and get my application complete by Oct.

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Yeah, I've dealt with rolling admissions.  The general rule is that you want to get your materials in as soon as possible.  However, if you think that your new scores will markedly improve your application, you should take your chances and wait for the 2nd GRE.  Good luck!

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