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Northern Illinois University - Critical Discourse Analysis?


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Hey everyone, 


I am currently a second-year MA students at NEIU here in Chicago.  My husband, an ESL speaker and physician from Panama, has finally found a steady job in Schiller Park and also at UIC while he studies for his boards, and as such, we're both hesitant to move too far away from the area.  I told this to my department and my advisor recommended I look at NIU for Critical Discourse Analysis. I'm particularly interested in political discourse and language used in the construction of identities in revolutionary activity. 


I've been told that NIU is great for this, and that Betty Birner on the faculty would be a great POI. 


Has anyone had any experience at NIU in this field?  I'd love to hear about it because on the surface, it seems to resolve all my problems! 

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I'm actually currently attending there! I'm an undergraduate doing the linguistics minor. But from what I understand it's a pretty good program. I'm actually meeting with the Linguistics Society of DeKalb tonight (LSD, haha), which is composed entirely of graduate students (except me), so I will pose this question to them at the meeting and get back to you later tonight.


Sorry for the not-really-a-response! 

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Weirdly enough Betty Birner actually showed up to the meeting and proceeded to have two margaritas. She said the program would be good for you, and someone commented "Betty's got a new best friend!" You should contact her.


This is really weird that I went out drinking with your POI. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...

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