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Coa question


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Dear everyone crucial question,


I was wondering about Cost of attendance, COA, I wanted to get some advice on this topic, since I am moving away to much more expensive city in general, I would like to see about taking out loans to cover my living environment please. I come from a average family, ,I am also curious in terms of loan, I know they are all federal private loans, for example I was told this calculation.


COA lets say is 48K and that includes housing, transportation, living and tuition in one. 


what you do is subtract the COA which is 48K minus the tuition which lets say is 22K which equals 16K


Then what you do is divide by two and get the pay out reimbursed which is 8K per semester?


Does that seem right to you guys, I truly need this guys, 


You guys are blessing for the first college student from a family. 

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I'm afraid it isn't quite clear what your question is.


1. Are you an undergrad?

If so, your financial aid is likely to be different from most people here, who are grad students.

Perhaps someone here with undergrad financial aid experience can help you.


2. What information have you received from your school's financial aid office?

They will tell you if you are eligible for aid, including loans, to cover your tuition and/or your other expenses.


3. If the financial aid office has already told you that you are receiving aid to cover ALL of your COA, it is likely that the non-tuition aid will be disbursed to you in two equal payments at the start of each semester, as you say.

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