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Should I retake GRE?


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Currently, I'm working for the subsidiary of one of the big US IT companies as Software Developer for about 3 years. But these days, I'd like to apply for Master course to pursue my interest related to EE.  I had 2 gre records which I took about 4 years ago like below. but the writing scores were too low and also quant's were not good.


2009 - V470/Q730/A3.0

2009 - V640/Q750/A2.5


I'm living in the east asia, not the States and so I have to prepare for TOEFL test as well. However, as working for the company, it would be difficult to prepare for GRE within two months. Therefore, I almost decided to focus only on SOP and TOEFL rather than taking GRE.


So I'd like to get you guys' feedback about my plan. Should I retake GRE?



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I don't know how those scores fare with regard to other EE applicants (though I bet they're not too great), but I just wanted to point out that preparing for the GRE will also prepare you for the TOEFL. There is not much you need to study in particular for the TOEFL exam that you don't need for the Verbal GRE, although it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the structure of the test and practice a bit for the speaking portion because the short "speeches" you need to give are not exactly something you do every day. But even with that, it's really not like you have to prepare for two separate exams--the GRE can be a lot of work, but the TOEFL doesn't require more than just a few days of work, assuming that your English is solid (which, from your post, it seems to be). 

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