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Clinical Psych Doctoral Programs: Prestigious Faculty Member or Community College One That Knows Me Best?


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Hi guys!


So, I'm having difficulty deciding what to do about my third LoR.  My first two are taken care of - one prestigious faculty member who supervises me clinically, another who is another prestigious faculty member I do research under.  I am having trouble allocating the third LoR - I have a very close, mentoring relationship with a past professor from community college.  I think she either has her PhD now, or has her PhD ABD (all but dissertation).  She would most definitely write me a dynamite letter that speaks about me as a person and a psychotherapist.  The other option is to ask a faculty member/professor I just started working with in a clinical fieldwork experience; she's another prominent faculty member of the college I attend, well beyond just obtaining a PhD.  But, she doesn't really know me that well, yet.  


So, my dilemma is: do I ask the less prestigious who will write me a phenomenal letter, or wait a month to build a rapport with this new faculty member who doesn't know me yet?



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