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Language class- Pass/fail?


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Hey everybody,


So I'm in my senior year, taking a year off and then applying to masters program for Archaeology to start in Fall 2015. So I'm trying to take classes this year that will spruce up an application that doesn't have such a stellar GPA. Thus I'm taking Spanish even though I'm terrible with languages. I expect to come out of the class with a B or something, not that A I need for my GPA, so I was considering taking the class as a Pass/Fail option. That means that as long as I get a C or better I'll get the credits but no grade will appear on my transcript, effectively the class is ignored for GPA calculation. 


So my question is, how do you think an admissions committee would feel about that? Will they think "Oh a language great" or "No grade? Doesn't count". Anybody know?



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If the B will pull down your overall GPA, then take the pass/fail. If it's not integral to your course of study - my language was required as part of my program - they wont give two craps about it other than seeing that you may have padded out classes at the end.. senioritis so to speak.


I took an extra semester after i had all my classes complete to do a study abroad. Won scholarships from the school for it even, so woot! Burned someone else's money to be in Europe studying art for a while. Most people in my industry see it as a positive (i'm arts) so it works for me.

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