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HESA vs International Education


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Hi all! I'm starting my hunt for grad schools and want to work in the study abroad field. I'm not sure whether I should limit myself to schools with international education or if higher ed and student affairs is an option. Does anyone know HESA programs that offer a focus on study abroad? Or any recommendations for international education programs that focus on study abroad would be greatly appreciated as well!

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I would think HESA would be an option for you. I would just let schools know that you are interested in study abroad and ask if they offer assistantships or internship placements in their study abroad offices. One place you might want to look is Michigan State, since they have such a large study abroad program. I think I remember hearing somewhere that a lot of grad students in their program get part time jobs or internships in the study abroad office.

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I recommend HESA if you want to work in a post-secondary setting. You can always request your internship in a study abroad, international center, or global/intercultural education department. International education programs are really geared towards students who want to work in the K-12 school setting or focus on K-12 education policy from an international perspective.

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