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Trying to determine the best route to go. My intended focus will be International Security Policy specifically as it relates to US relations with China and East Asia in general.

Trying to decide between SIPA, IWP, GSPIA and UMD's MPP. Waitlisted at Elliott (my top choice)...

No funding from any of them so i'll be doing this the hard way.

The major factors would be:

- Cost

- Strength of Security Policy program

- Strength of East Asian Studies program and language study options (my skills have come a long way but I've still got a way to go)

- Location and internship/networking opportunities

- Reputation and Alumni Network

I'm leaning towards SIPA but the cost is bordering on prohibitive. My question is if anyone has any insight into the reputations of IWP and GSPIA. How strong are their alumni networks and are grads from their programs well received in comparison to programs like GW, SAIS, GTown, SIPA, AU or UMD? Also how much of a disadvantage is it to not be in DC or NYC for a program like this?

Any thoughts?

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Congrats on your acceptances. Despite not being a big fan of SIPA b/c of their near-inability to offer competitive funding to first year students, I would go there over the others since money isn't that big an issue. From what I understand, SIPA's reputation in the international community is head and shoulders above the other schools you mentioned. However, since I'm not going into IR/ID, you're better off heeding the advice of someone who is. Just wanted to throw you my two cents.

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I would go with SIPA. Funding is definitely a problem with the School, but on the other hand it has some of the best resources when it comes to International Security and East Asia is also a strong are of expertise. And as mentioned above, it' reputation is quite strong.

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Follow-up question: Considering the info in my original post, SIPA or Elliott?

I'm not sure how others view it but in terms of 'tiering', I'd guess SIPA would be considered a lower Tier 1 while Elliott would be a top Tier 2.

Is the qualitative difference between the two really that wide?

Overall, both have very strong Security Policy programs as well as Asian regional studies programs. I think SIPA has stronger opportunities to perfect my language (mandarin) skills but it seems like Elliott has a more practical focus to its program. I can list many positives and negatives for the locations (NY vs. DC) and for me, i'd say it's probably a wash or very slight advantage to DC so that wouldn't be a deciding factor. I've visited both campuses and sat in on classes at both programs. I was thoroughly impressed with students and professors at both and feel like either would be an excellent place to pursue my studies.

I know the standard response would be to 'follow my gut' but sadly my gut is being conspicuously silent right now. Any thoughts or tidbits of information that may help me decide one way or the other would be greatly appreciated. Or if you prefer, a few snarky comments to just make me stop stressing out so much... that would be welcome to! :mrgreen:

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