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Multifaceted IR question


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Hi all,


To give you a bit of background--I've been seriously considering a career in IR for some time. Recently I've decided to take steps towards applying to graduate school. I graduated with a 3.6 (3.9 in major) in history in '12 from a not-very-prestigious university.


I'm interested in Middle Eastern history and am taking steps to learn a language and possibly teach English abroad for a couple years, if just to get some international experience.


Of course I'm interested in attending an Ivy, but I suppose I'm wondering if it's worth the pursuit. I didn't have fantastic grades in undergrad and I'm not great with standardized tests. I know many of the schools claim to be holistic in their admissions, but it doesn't always work out that way.


I was also wondering if anyone has any suggestions for IR related internships or work experience. I'm sure teaching abroad will have its own benefits, but I'm also interested in getting more directly related experience. Most of the positions I've found are strictly for already-admitted grad students or require an MA.


Feel free to give me any other advice as well.



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