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Best professors to ask for LOR for Biostats programs?


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I am a biochemistry and stats major and I woukd like to apply to a biostatistics masters program. I declared my stats major somewhat late and will not take most of my major classes until senior year when I would like to apply. But on the other hand, I have had a lot of biochem classes and have research advisors and professors who would be able to write me great letters. So would it be ok if I only have 1 letter from a stats professor and 2 from my biochem professors, as long as they are good letters?

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I was a Biology undergrad, and am currently finishing up my MS in stats. I am applying to Biostats PhD programs and have asked two stats Professors and one Biology Professor to write letters for me. I think it's good to have one recommendation from a Professor who knows you very well, even if they are not "famous" or in stats. Of course, I don't have any proof that my strategy will be successful, yet!

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