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query regarding univ of windsor, canada


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I have done my engineering from pune India and applying for MOM in logistics course from Windsor univ Odette school of business through a agent from CUAC.
Read a review about Master of management from this Univ is not that good, hence concerned about it.

As I have read that Master of management form Windsor is not that good I a bit skeptical about joining this course. As MBA course is from is from Sept 2014 only , I want to start my masters in Jan 2014 only so would be applying for MOM(logistics) only.

 can u tell me is MOM that bad or is it OK in medium category compared to mba. Also i want to do it in Logistics , what are the job prospects after completing MOM(logistics) from it. Will employers not prefer me because i have done masters and not MBA.What chance do I stand to get a job in Windsor, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver. Is my MOM valid in US and Europe . can i get job there?

What I have heard is there is good demand for Logistics professionals in Canada and "US, Europe. So MOM in Logistics a worthy option or should i drop my plan for it as it will be very expensive for me because of high tuition fee. Also how is the job scenario in Canada as of now. are there many jobs available or some kind of recession with very few jobs.

Please guide me about this as u have studied there and working there, so ur the most reliable person to ask.

I will be really indebted to you for solving my queries.

Thanking you.

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