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Im currently doing my masters in Work & Organisational Psychology. Its a one year programme and I should be finished late May 2014. I will be turning 22 in May as well :D thing is, I want to find a job when I graduate and I want to start searching and making some plans soon. I do not have any work experience, the closest I have come to a job was volunteering for six months with a charity organisation as part of my course.


I am willing to travel, Europe is fine but recently I have been thinking about Canana, United States and Australia. I would appreciate if you could leave some information or resources you have used to find a job and settle in a new place.

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I like the name for this thread. 


This was the same boat I was in last year around May. I didn't really utilize my grad school connections for TA jobs because I wasn't interested in teaching, and my experience outside of grad school qualified me mainly for entry level stuff. Problem was, there's so much competition that I was nervous I wouldn't stand out. It turns out, however, that employers really love seeing Master degrees, especially if you're entry level. It's not hard to gain experience. It's just that right now, in the US, the job growth is really slow right now. 


If you're interested in traveling and you want to gain experience, you might want to look into checking out consulting firms. Despite what people think, Consulting firms don't just look for people with MBAs and hire lots of people with degrees outside of that. They especially love seeing people with medical backgrounds come into their firms. They're really good if you're interested in gaining more skills and would like to do work in different parts of the country and the world. Some firms even cover travel expenses. Check out this list for the best consulting firms in the US: http://www.vault.com/company-rankings/consulting/. If you're interested in looking at consulting firms in Europe, let me know. 

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