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Human Physiology or related majors


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Hi guys,

I'm about to graduate pharmacy school within the next year and have long been interested in doing a masters in public health. I am doing my experiential rotations at a hospital right now and realize that my passion is definitely in physiology. Though we learn pathophysiology in school, I am wondering whether or not a human physiology degree is really necessary or practical and if I may be able to focus on some physiology with public health studies. Only very few schools offer human physiology as a masters and I am wondering if most applicants do it as a precursor to getting into med school rather than with a research or educational focus in mind. Any insight to any similar programs would also be great.


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My masters is in molecular physiology, and I think many students who do this degree are going for a PhD or Med School. It is highly unlikely that you'll be able to find a non-thesis program (that I know of). I think you could take a couple of physiology classes somewhere, but a degree in physiology is generally research based and would be a full-time undertaking.

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