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Recommendations for top programs in cognitive science, computational linguistics or HCI?


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I posted this in the general "Applications" forum, but was advised to move it to somewhere more specific. I feel that either the linguistics or computer science forum could be relevant, but I decided here was probably the best fit.
Can anyone recommend schools which have top programs in at least one of the fields in my topic title? I have solid grades and research experience, and am hoping to apply to a Master's program in one of those fields (if the school offers funding for Master's students), but am also considering PhD programs. Obviously MIT is known for all of those areas, and I have also looked at Stanford (which doesn't seem to fund Master's students for CS or Symbolic Systems), Berkeley (which seems to have decent financial support), and Harvard (which for some reason requires CS students to take Theory regardless of their concentration). Can anyone recommend some more programs?
Thanks a lot!
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It's because the question is so vague. Those fields are very diverse. You'll need to be way more specific, and it also depends on whether you're going for Master's or PhD.

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That's a tough question. Those fields are all diverse; is there any particular intersection that you're looking to research? 


Finding a school that is strong in HCI will not be difficult. Computational linguistics and cognitive science, however, would be hard to find in the same department. If you'll provide more details about your proposed research topic, I can reply with some more school suggestions.

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