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Should I retake the GRE?


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Hi everyone, this is my first time posting, but I have gotten conflicting advice from people about whether or not to retake the test. I have lurked on these boards before and you all seem incredibly knowledgable and helpful, so I would be very grateful for your advice!


I am applying for MA programs in both Anthropology and Environmental Studies. The most competitive schools I'm applying to are Washington and Oregon, but the rest are smaller state schools.  My GRE scores are as follows - Verbal: 167 (97%) Quantitative: 151 (45%) Writing: 5.5.  I am completely happy with my Verbal and Writing scores, but I am disappointed by my Quant score. There is such a huge difference between my scores, and I don't know how that would look to an admissions committee.  Should I retake? Would a program cut me from the application pool based solely on my poor Quant score?


Thank you all!

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Different programs evaluate the GRE differently. For some Q is the most important section; for some it doesn't matter that much. Who have you gotten advice from? I would look at advice from professors in your field, the people who make admissions decisions. If Q is relatively important to decisions, and you think you have a shot of improving your score, I would retake. If you're getting these conflicting opinions from professors in your field, I would go the safe route and retake. Better to put yourself under a little more stress and possibly improve your chances than not and risk an unfavorable outcome.

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