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UMass Amherst Architecture and Landscape/Planning Programs

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Have anyone attended or is attending UMass Amherst Architecture & Design or Landscape/Regional Planning?


I am interested in all 3 programs and would really appreciate any help in answer these questions.


1. Generally speaking, how is the facilities at UMass? Some students say that the programs lack many advance equipment and technology (both hardware and software). Is this true? What are studio spaces like? 


2. I am interested in both sustainable architecture and planning. Is there a focus on sustainable design? Do the departments collaborate and/or offer joint studios? 


3. The architecture program seems quite new. Is it growing and getting better? Some say that it lacks focus and direction. Can anyone give me some feedback on this?


4. The landscape architecture and regional planning are grouped under one department. do these programs collaborate at all? It seems like landscape as an agriculture bent while planning has a policy bent. Is this true?


Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!!

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