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Will the location of my GRE matter?


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I am a undergraduate student in a Singapore university. I will take my GRE in China, because of personal convenience.


I thought since the test is international, where I take it wouldn't matter at all. However, one of my advisers told me not to do this, saying that a lot of Chinese students are able to score extremely high after some sort of "special training". So my GRE scores obtained in China will deteriorate.


Nevertheless, I have already registered the GRE in China and paid. Does this really matter? Should I take it in Singapore instead? For those who have received your GRE transcripts, do they indicate the location of the test at all?

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Don't worry, it doesn't matter where you appear for the test. If China's convenient for you, then so be it. Just stay focused on the test. Prepare well. And try to get as high a percentile as you can!


ETS doesn't issue an official transcript in paper form. The score is displayed in your GRE account. And the test centre is not mentioned anywhere.


Best of luck.

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