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Powerprep II (Questions are changing)?


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So there are 2 timed practice tests on the powerprep II software. 

Are the questions for the 2 timed practice tests the same every time?

I originally thought they were, but today I took one of the tests again and none of the questions seemed familiar except the first verbal section (definitely not the second). So I'm guessing they change the questions?

Either that or my memory is horrible.


Also, are the questions adaptive (i.e., difficulty of second section is contingent with how well you do on 1st)? 

If it is adaptive, does anyone know how many different sections they have?

I need more practice tests and since powerprep II is the best indicator of your real score, I'd rather keep taking those tests, but not if I get the same questions every time.

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You're saying that powerprep generates new questions each time? I find that unlikely, or else why would there be two tests?

I'm saying that the second verbal section (not sure about Q) seems to be adaptive and contingent on how well you do on the 1st. I verified this by answering all the questions wrong and then all the questions right in the first section. The 2nd set of questions were different for the two cases. 

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