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Select Grad School for CS M.S.


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Hi all,


I am an international students currently pursuing a CS B.S. in USA, and I am preparing to apply to M.S. program in CS for Fall 14. I mainly aim for career-orientied proffesional M.S. programs in CS in the US, and here are something about my bakground.

  • Transfered from oversea college to a US school ranked 70 in general and 90 in CS.
  • Not-so-high GPA around 3.7, but this GPA only count my credits in US school. Previous GPA is in 100 format (no curving in the scores), which I have around 85.
  • Arrive in the States in Junior year, no specific intership / research experience (Ouch...), but I am an entry-level translater working with oversea publisher (no contract given, but have name on two books).
  • Get to know and practice stuff about CS well before college, but no contest award or so.
  • New GRE, a pain with Verbal and Writing as a foreigner (155 and 3.5), but Quantitative is good 169.
  • TOEFL, waived for most school, but have a valid score 109.

I personally want to apply for grad school for proffesional purposes, rather than academic / thesis. So what range of school I should consider (I think Top 30-70 in CS, or I can dream bigger?)? And what school / program do you recomment?


A newbie's first post, thank you all in advance.



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