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Human Computer Interaction for Fall 2014

Kunal Vyas

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I am applying to HCI Grad schools for Fall 2014 admissions.


I have little to no experience of the field, albeit I have developed a strong interest in the past 3 months. I come from a Computer Science background, and at my workplace, I have been/am working on things that don't even remotely relate to interfaces.(sql/unix/java).


CGPA: 6.9/10

Yet to take the GRE (Expecting ~310, give or take 5)

Work Ex.: >1.5 years

Projects: a HTML 5 game, A RSS reader app, things like these, etc.

LoRs from: Dean, internship mentor, Present project manager.


I am planning to make some more very interesting projects in the following months before applying to colleges.

I have shortlisted the following:


IU, Bloomington

IUPUI, Indiana

Iowa State

U Michigan


Suggestions are welcome.

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