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Gaining Wildlife Experience Before Grad School


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I am planning on attending graduate school focusing on either Zoology or Wildlife Biology starting Fall 2014, however, I'm having issues finding opportunities to gain experience in those fields where I am living currently.


I am an Army spouse and moved with my husband to Fort Irwin, CA shortly after receiving my B.S. in Biology.  Since this post is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, there are not many opportunities available in my field.  I started off applying for biology jobs, but when I found out that there are not any, I started working in a non-biology related field for the duration that we are here.  I am now trying to find volunteer opportunities, even those not located in Fort Irwin.  I am willing to drive as far as San Diego or Los Angeles in order to get involved in a project.


So, my question is whether or not any of you could share some leads for volunteer positions that I may follow up with?  I am extremely interested in marine life and wildlife biology but, at this point, I am willing to do just about anything in order to stay active in my field for the rest of the time I am down here.  Any information you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated!

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You might be able to find some interesting things on the Society of Conservation Biology job board, Texas A&M job board, or the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) websites.  I've seen a lot of volunteering and internship positions posted there.

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