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military officer (US applying to grad school in UK


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I graduated three years ago from Tulane with a 3.1GPA (overall) and a 3.2GPA for my major (history). I know, it's certainly not the strongest, but I don't think it's 'bad' by any means. I'd be a flat 2.2 lower second-class honors. 


I did ROTC while I was in school, and commissioned immediately after graduation. I kick myself for not trying a bit harder as an undergraduate, but my focus was more on partying and 'just getting commissioned'. Recently, I found out I'm probably getting medically discharged. I'm really just looking forward to moving on with my life after this crappy experience. 


I have passion for history. Honestly, there's nothing I'd like to do more than continuing to learn, and I STRONGLY want to go abroad. I'm looking to apply to a few schools in Ireland and the UK (UCC Cork, Queens University Belfast, University of Aberdeen, University of Galway, Aberystwyth University). 


Almost all these schools say that typically they require a 2.1 when applying to taught masters. I've talked with a college advisor who says my GPA is in the 'range', however, I'm still a bit nervous. Since college, I've spent extensive time abroad working with foreign militaries. My free time is solely composed of 'studying' history. 


How would you say I rack up?


Also, is it slightly 'easier' for an American to get into a more completive graduate program in the UK due to the fact that we have to pay higher tuition? 


I appreciate any ideas!






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