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Suggestions and advice for internship in biomedical engineering


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I am a junior year student doing my bachelors in biomedical engineering at National Institute of Technology(NIT),Rourkela,India.I am interested in applyling to various biomedical schools for doing my summer internship.I want to explore the field of biomedical engineering and hence I am planning to do an internship.Could you please suggest me some good biomedical schools all over the world. Here I have listed some few topics which i'm interested in.Please comment on the below and give any suggestions.


Histotripsy at University of Michigan

Biosignal Processing at Carnegie Mellon

Application of biomaterials to tackle problems in medical imaging at Harvard

Development of image-guided approaches to minimally invasive surgical procedures at Harvard

Medical imaging at John hopkins

Biocompatibility of materials and coatings at TU Munich

optofluidics at EPFL Switzerland

Bioimaging at ETH Zurich

Analysis and engineering of brain circuits at MIT

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,,,Medical imaging at John hopkins,,,

It's JohnS Hopkins. Making that mistake is the kiss of death for that school.


Each program is going to be slightly different in terms of how they handle international applicant. You should defniitely send some emails and make some calls to find out. And of course it'd be better if you have a connection. Instead of looking blind for programs, I would suggest you talk to your research supervisor first and see if he/she can get you any connections.

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