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Do I have a good shot at getting into CMU's Masters in Statistical Practice program?

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I currently have a 3.4 due to a bad freshman year, but it'll go up this semester.  I'm a double Math/Statistics major at Pitt and a current junior.  This semester I'm taking Advanced Calculus 1, Combinatorics (including lots of graph theory), Abstract Algebra (group theory), Time Series, and an MBA Data Mining class.  Next semester I'll probably be taking a graduate-level Statistics class, and it'll most likely be Survival Analysis, and that's assuming I can't get into CMU's functional programming class.  I've been trying to find Stat or Machine Learning classes there to cross-register for but they all fill up too quickly.  I'll also be taking Data Structures and possibly Assembly, while taking Systems, Algorithms, and possibly a PhD-level measure theoretic probability class the following year.  I'm also pretty confident about recommendations because I'm close with two people in the math department and my Stat advisor.  So far, grades in quantitative classes are as follows:


Calc 1:  B-

Calc 2:  A (but it won't show up on my transcript because I took it somewhere else)

Calc 3:  B+

Intro to Theoretical Math:  A-

Intro to One-Variable Calculus:  B

Linear Algebra:  A

Numerical Linear Algebra:  A-


Intro to Java:  W because I had a terrible professor, but took it last summer and got an A


Applied Statistical Methods:  A+

Intro to Probability:  B

Intro to Mathematical Statistics:  A-

Applied Regression:  A


I also did a research program at SAMSI last summer for a week.  I'm not sure how much that'll help.

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