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anyone knows about UW School of Arts?


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Hi everyone. I'm looking for MFA programs to apply for fall 2010. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about University of Washington School of Art? I'm particularly interested in their painting + drawing program. Are there any other good art schools in Seattle?

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If Denzel Hurley is still there, go work with him. Yale MFA, Guggenheim recipient, a kind man and incredible. If you are on the fence, set up an appointment with him or a phone call, bring/send him your work and discuss it with him. That'll convince you.

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First the good:

Ann Gale, one of the professors there is a great figurative painter. I'd love to have the opportunity to work with her.

The school's museum where you'd have your thesis show, The Henry, is fantastic and gets some top notch exhibitions.

That said, I really think Seattle is a crap art town. It's great for indie music, game design, software, not for visual art. It's great for hobbyist painters and Burning Man types, but there just isn't a very high ceiling. I saw a pretty ugly scene at a talk with one of the curators at the Seattle Art Museum where some older artists were yelling at him for not purchasing works from northwest artists. There's definitely some sort of inferiority complex going on around here.

I've spoken to a few UW MFA alums who teach where I'm taking some classes right now and they're super sweet people, just not impressive artists.

Kimberly Trowbridge http://gageacademy.org/artists/?page=in ... s&i_id=122

Eric Elliott http://gageacademy.org/artists/?page=in ... s&i_id=134

Margaret Davidson http://gageacademy.org/artists/?page=in ... rs&i_id=24

Margaret is quite inspiring (went to grad school in her 40s I believe and is now selling out big shows) but still, her work is just abstracted still lifes of tree branches - fits in to the naturalistic tendencies out here.

I went to UW for electrical engineering, but have been working as an artist/illustrator here in Seattle for the last 5 years.

Hope that helps some! Seattle is a lovely place to live, but I'm moving to NY in a few months to get closer to the action.

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I concur with the above reply. I worked at the Henry (a beautiful facility) and had the opportunity to meet James Turrell when he showed there and built a unique skyspace there. I know Denzel from Hampshire College where he taught while teaching at the Norfolk Summer program for Yale, later her taught at the New York Studio school where my cousin and friends attended after their BA/BFA's. Good artists do come to the Henry, we exhibited Ernesto Neto, a Diebenkorn, and Wolfgang Lieb, but the collection's biggest claims to fame are a Winslow Homer, textiles, and a good photography collection courtesy of the Allens. The student facilities that I saw were dark and cramped, none too inviting and Seattle is expensive. Yes, the people are alternative, open, and kind, but some are either in their own "zone" or oblivious. I have been repeatedly told to go to a program where the profs inspire you, the rest are just amenities, your work will take you where you need to go/where you will be successful. Good luck!

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Thanks for your replies. Actually it doesn't sound so good... I was actually told Seattle has a very nice, very lively art scene. My boyfriend and I are considering moving to Seattle (we have a few options) so the info is helpful.

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