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Comm./Journalism Masters Programs?

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Hi all,


I'm relatively new to thinking about graduate school, and was curious how well my profile might fare in applying to a few schools. 


UCLA B.A., 3.28 GPA in English literature

Managing Editor/director of content strategy at a domain monetization start-up, manages team of 3 (1 year)

Freelance writer, published in mostly lifestyle regional publications (5 years)

3 strong letters of rec from current/previous editors/employers


I'm interested in either Columbia's M.S. in journalism, USC's Journalism or Online Communities management or NYU's Media, Culture and Comm M.A. program. I am interested in editorial in the digital spectrum, and how different platforms are changing the way millennials interact within US/global culture. 


Are there any other schools/programs I should be considering? I'm looking to stay in either Los Angeles, SF or New York, and would love to study abroad in Paris. 


Does anyone know the profiles of those accepted into these programs?


Any help or guidance on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!


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Want to clarify - are you seeking professional programs (ie. improving your skills/resume for industry work) or academic programs to seek academic work? That changes some answers and suggestions.


USC offers some information on admissions to their Annenberg school. I can't say as much about Columbia/NYU, short of the scarcity of funding for those programs. They are, however, not easy to get into despite the fact that I might describe them as "for-profit" programs.

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Thank you for your quick response! To be frank, I'm still unsure. From what I hear, academic work is highly political and I'm not sure I have the disposition for that (as much as I wish I did). My goal is to continue working in content strategy and hopefully writing for publications about how my generation interacts with content, media and the way our culture has changed in alignment with technology advances. 


More than anything, I view graduate school as a way to learn more and interact with others passionate about the same subjects, and as a way to form more connections in the community I'm interested in working in. I miss school too much to never return full-time--so maybe a doctorate is that right solution!

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