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Applying to MA or PhD with low GPA in other Master's field?


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Hi all! I need some advice...


I would like to apply for either a MA or PhD in Medical Sociology or Demography for the Fall 2014 semester. I'm currently working on my MPH at a large university in Boston. After two semesters, I realized that this program is not a great fit for me. The program is very large (my incoming cohort was just under 400). The core courses for the degree had between 40-90 students. And even in upper level graduate courses, I am in classes with 30-50 other students. 


I want to get into a program that is significantly smaller, but I don't know what my chances are because my MPH GPA is a 2.92. I wasn't horrible in undergrad with a Sociology major GPA of 3.91. But my classes were smaller and my professors knew me.


I have two years of research experience and one semester as a TA, both during my undergrad. My GRE scores for Quantitative and Writing weren't horrible, but I could definitely improve my Verbal score.


Do you think I should even apply to another grad program for next year or take a year off and do something else?


Thank you in advance!

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