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ETS's Personal Potential Index (PPI)


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Just received this e-mail from ETS.

Any thoughts on this PPI thing?


Today's graduate application process is highly competitive and you need every advantage to help you stand out. Distinguish yourself from the competition and show graduate and business schools what else you have to offer — with theETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI)!

As a GRE® revised General Test registrant, you can send up to four FREE ETS PPI Evaluation Reports — that's an $80 value. Get your reports and access to the ETS PPI system free of charge.

Get started today!

Show graduate and business programs you have what it takes!

Your GRE scores are a great start, but you also have strong personal attributes that are worth showing off. Educational Testing Service (ETS), the maker of the GRE revised General Test, created ETS PPI to help you demonstrate to graduate and business schools that you've got what it takes to succeed.

With ETS PPI, you can give schools a chance to find out more about your strengths in the six areas that graduate deans and faculty have identified as important for success in graduate study:

  • Knowledge and Creativity
  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Planning and Organization
  • Ethics and Integrity

ETS PPI is a convenient and easy-to-use web-based tool that allows the evaluators that you select to provide reliable feedback about you on these six personal attributes — and it can be completed by your evaluator in less than 15 minutes!

Here's how ETS PPI works …

ETS PPI allows you to request and track evaluations easily. Using the ETS PPI system, you ask faculty, advisors and other individuals to provide an evaluation of you on the above six traits. Each evaluator answers 24 simple questions, provides an overall rating and has an opportunity to write additional comments. These evaluations are then combined in a confidential ETS PPI Evaluation Report that is sent to the schools you designate. Once you request these reports, you can track them easily in the ETS PPI system.

Here's what graduate school programs are saying …

"What's needed is a clear and defined picture of the full range of personal attributes that are valued as predictors of success in graduate school. Because it brings a degree of objectivity to a rather subjective process, ETS PPI provides an important snapshot that rounds out the candidate's application."
— Liora Schmelkin, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies, Hofstra University


Send your four FREE ETS PPI Evaluation Reports

ETS PPI is available to the public for a fee of $20 per report, but as part of your GRE revised General Test registration, you can send four ETS PPI Evaluation Reports to graduate schools of your choice for free. Sending ETS PPI Evaluation Reports along with your GRE scores is a great benefit and can help you show graduate programs a more complete picture of your potential for success.

Get started today!

If you have questions about ETS PPI or how to get started, please give us a call at 

Thank you,

ETS PPI Client Relations Team
Educational Testing Service
600 Rosedale Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

P.S. — If you are interested in learning how ETS PPI Evaluation Reports can benefit graduate programs, view the ETS PPI Virtual Tour that was created for graduate schools.

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