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SOP for "Deferment Application"

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Hey all,

Last spring I was accepted with funding into my top (phd) program but decided to defer for a year because I was also awarded a Fulbright. The deferment was formally approved by the department chair and the Dean of the graduate school. I recently got an email from the graduate school with a deferment application, which sort of surprised me. I didn't imagine I would have to "apply" again after deferring. This application is a little different. I don't have to send a writing sample, LORs, GRE scores, or pay another application fee, but I do have to send a revised CV and revised SOP

Here's my question for those of you who have deferred in the past: is this deferment application just a formality? Is this SOP supposed to be more of an update as to my progress during the year of deferment? Or is it supposed to be like a normal SOP? I.e. an outline of the research I want to do in the program, why the program is a good fit, etc.

Insight much appreciated!

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Ah, it's true making that contact can be intimidating. Well it was worth a shot trying to see if anyone on the board's deferred and had to fill out one of these. I have to admit that it's a very unique/specific circumstance. Thanks for the reply!

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