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American Studies PhD options


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All - looking for feedback on American Studies PhD programs.  


I have my short list, which includes (for my research focus) Purdue, U Minnesota, Yale, and SUNY Buffalo, as well as Ohio State's Comparative Studies, and Clark's Human Geography program. I unfortunately do not have enough of an anthro background to get into a socio-cultural anthro program, which would suit me better, but I feel AMS will fit nicely regardless. 


I study colonialism and livestock; human-animal relations; livestock domestication; North American agrarian systems; and wool and industrialization. I employ post humanist and post anthropocentric theories often.  My specialty is sheep, and I interface with the Navajo population regularly for my research. 


I will be going in to my PhD with an MFA in Intermedia, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Graduate Gender Studies Certificate and a 4 point ohhh.


Any feedback from those already in AMS programs, or others looking at programs?  Is there a program you know about that would suit me well, or maybe a specific professor at a specific institution?


I would also love to hear what programs others are interested in.....

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