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take a look at this issue essay


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Government should offer college and university education free of charge to all students




High tuition fees in most colleges and universities in countries like the US, and UK make it difficult for students to acquire college education, especially impecunious students. But even with this, it won’t be right for government to offer free education to students because of these reasons: first, it will not be a cost- effective venture, and some students will not take this opportunity seriously.



First and foremost, government funding a totally free education will be cost-intensive. Apart from paying for students’ fees, government also have to maintain college buildings, stock libraries with book, and equip laboratories, since these schools do not collect tuitions. Furthermore, government need funds to contend with other social problems like health, security and infrastructure; thus spending a large portion of the budget on a free education is not a wise decision. In addition, such policy will make public funds to be used to subsidize education for families that can pay. A totally free education is not the answer.



Also, such largess will meet up with students that won’t take their studies seriously. Already, in schools there are students that waste their family funds either by not been serious or dropping out from school.  A free education system will lead to a high increase in drop outs, as more students might see no reason to be serious, since they don’t pay for their schooling. Higher education should be for students that have zeal to learning, not just any student.



Proponents of free education argue that it will equip individuals with tools which can make them self-actualize in the society, especially now when most jobs require higher education. But, government gives grants, loans and financial aid to students who cannot meet these high fees, thus families should plan well, and take advantage of these opportunities.



In summary, free education is not cost-effective for government, and might make students unserious with their studies. Thus, government should continue with their aid to penurious students, and families should plan well for their ward’s education, even at a period that tuition continues to increase.



** it took me 40 mins to complete this essay ......i have written a lot of essays without timing.......any feedback will be helpful. Thank you

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