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Using A Career Mentor???


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I was wondering if anyone here had experience using a mentor? I'd really like to find a career mentor, but my family and friends have limited connections. 


I am mainly looking for help clarifying my academic and career goals and to get actual advice from a professional. I'm currently a Senior in a large, northeastern university, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English, and considering graduate school. I'd like to speak to a professional who has leveraged their liberal arts degree into a good career.


I've been doing a bit of research and found one company so far that seems to provide what I'm looking for- Mentorra. The idea is that it would provide a means of connecting with mentors that are industry experts. Do any of you have experience with mentorra or suggestions about how to go about this?





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Does you college (or even high school) have any sort of alumni network that you'd be able to get connected with? Look around online to see if your college has either career advising services or an alumni office that you could get in touch with about talking to people who have careers in the fields your interested in. I'm sure that there are lots of alum, who've been through the same program you've been through and who would be happy to talk to you and provide guidance! I know some alumni networks offer students the chance to inter for short periods (i.e. spring break) or shadow a career professional for a couple days...

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