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low Gre+high TOEFL,do I stand a chance of TESOL?


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Hi guys,I am an international students applying for TESOL(master).

My major in college is Chinese Literature and I achieve a 3.5 GPA.

I socred 112 in TOEFL(r 30 l 29 s 28 w 25 ).

Unluckly my GRE score is kinda embarrassing :153+166+3.(Yes,my writing is just terrible.)

I know I only have myself to blame cause I didnt prepare very well.

i decided to apply for graduate school this summer and I only had like 20 days for TOEFL and 40 days for GRE.


I am now a senior and my time are really tight,so everyone,should I retake my GRE or just work really hard on my SOP and other materials?



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It depends on the schools you are applying to.

Some big name schools don't look at the writing. In these cases, your scores would be fine (except TESOL usually favors verbal scores, but even then I think you are in an acceptable range.)


I am also applying to some TESOL programs and honestly the GRE is only important in getting past cut offs. Other similar programs however, like applied linguistics or second language acquisition, can be a little bit more strict with what is a 'good' to 'great' GRE score. Honestly, I think your scores are okay, and you should be able to address your writing score in your statement of purpose or in your high TOEFL score if you need to. As an international student, I think you could make  compelling argument that it takes more than thirty minutes to craft an impressive essay.


Message me if you would like me to look at some sample essays of yours if you decide to retake.

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