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PhD(Toronto)+PostD or Master(Toronto)+PhD (top5 in US)


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I was accepted to maters by Toronto but rejected by Berkeley and Stanford this year.

The masters in Toronto is expected to complete in 20-24 month, and I could transfer to phd after one semester or one year of master's course study.

Now I have two options:

1. Complete my PhD at Toronto (probably in 4-5 years), if I have good publications I will try to continue a PostD in a top 5 program in US (probably for 1-2 years).

2. Complete my master at Toronto (in 2 years), and then try to get in a top 5 PhD program in US (3-5 years), and then maybe still continue in a PostD (1- 2 years).

I hope to find a faculty position in Canadian schools after my PhD or postD. Some of my friends suggest the option 1 > 2 , because the option 2 may cost me two more years and believe 2 years postD (top 5) >> 2 years masters (Toronto), although PhD (top 5) > PhD (Toronto) .

I am really not sure which option is better and would thank you for any comments and input!!

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