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GWU w/ no $$ vs. UMD with $$


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I was really leaning towards GWU but didnt get any funding. I dont have much savings and I have some decent debt from undergrad. I got $$ from UMD that would cover a good amount. Is the GWU name that much better in DC? Can GWU open doors that UMD cant? Does anyone know how likely it is for GWU students to get funding for the second year? I know a lot GWU kids work full time while they go to school, but that just seems really tough. I want to be able to excel in my courses, and it seems like that could be really difficult if my M-F schedule is 8 hours of work followed by classes all evening.

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GW and Maryland have a virtually identical reputation in D.C. with a strong alumni network in the city. I don't know much about GW, but I know Maryland Policy has a top notch faculty and a great career service person whose only job is to make sure you get a job by the time you graduate (75% employeed AT graduation).

They are both great policy schools and have great political science and economics departments in case you are looking to take courses outside the policy school. Your concentration and interests might determine better which school to enter, but if all similar and it's just a matter of "name", then go to Maryland and save. After a year you'll also qualify for in-state tuition, furthering lessing your costs.

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