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Need help finding departments-Modern Jewish History


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Hello all,


I'm finishing up my MA, and I'm applying to PhD programs for Fall 2014. I study Modern Jewish History, and my research is on a highly specialized transnational issue. My problem is that I need a modern Jewish historian who focuses on, or at least is interested in transnational issues in Modern Jewish history. So far I'm looking at NYU, Columbia, and UCLA. I might add Stanford, Brandeis, and GWU to that list, but I'm on the fence.


Do any of you have any recommendations for additional programs I should look at? I really do want to add more (especially because I don't know how competitive I'd be in those application pools). Any advice from other Jewish historians would be appreciated!


Thank you so much.


(also, admin, sorry for the double post--I was posting from my phone before and didn't realize that I wasn't on the history board)

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