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Manhattan vs PowerPrep discrepancies are puzzling


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After taking the PowerPrep Practice Exam 2 after steady improvement shown from Manhattan Tests over 2 months, I received a lower score as I did on the first PowerPrep practice...




ETS power prep 1    156V, 154Q

Manhattan Test 1    161V, 148Q

Manhattan Test 2    163V, 152Q

Manhattan Test 3   157V, 153Q

Manhattan Test 4   158V, 155Q

Manhattan Test 5   158V, 157Q

Manhattan Test 6   158V, 164Q

ETS power prep 2    156V, 150Q


This is what is confusing me. Looking strictly at Quant:


For the last test I took, ETS Power Prep 2, I got 14/20 correct in section 1, and 11/20 correct in section 2.

Yet, for ETS 1, I got the same, 14/20 correct in section 1, and only 10/20 correct in section 2.


BUT, I got a 154 on ETS 1, and a 150 on ETS 2...


Moreover, For Manhattan 5, I got 10/20 correct in section 1, and 10/10 correct in section 2...

Yet I got a 157...


How is it that I got more correct in the first and second section on ETS Power Prep 2, yet got a Quant score of 150... 4 points below the Power Prep 1, and 7 points below the Manhattan 5.


See chart below (it's a picture):




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