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Initial guidance for GRE


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Hi All,


I am Mohsina, a new member here.


Planning to prepare for GRE. will write next year...no hurry :)


Need you guidance on how should I start the preparations...which book to start with esp. for math? etc etc etc


Ill give my background so it can help - I am an MBA graduate from India with medical background. Have 4-5 healthcare experience (Marketing & Operations) in India and UAE. I intend to have MS/MBA in healthcare from a good school in US/Canada. So wanna go for GRE.


But, the point is that I am very bad at math :( yeah that's true ;p...and okay with English.

So I think may be I need to start up with the basics..what do u think? what should be my strategy ? I can prepare for 1 year too...so theres no hurry to write the exam..


please suggest...Thanks !!

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