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So I have been getting a good amount of info from these posts but figured it wouldn't hurt to throw out my specific situation and see what comes back...

I have basically narrowed my decision to SIS and SIPA and am still somewhat considering the Elliott School. I am completely torn between American's International Development program and SIPA's International Affairs with a focus on Economic and Political Development.

SIS and SIPA were essentially my top choices through this whole process solely based on how well my interests fit with each program. My thought process so far is that SIPA is obviously a bigger name but SIS is going to be cheaper and if I stay in DC SIS will have more than enough resources for a good job. Both locations seem amazing for different but equal reasons (I am from California and am not familiar with either city). Where I also get hung up is by the descriptions of SIS' program. I love the wording on the website and have heard nothing but good things from people who know about the program. I also love the focus and layout of SIPA's program.

Does anyone out there have any advice? Anyone in the same boat. I will not get first year funding from either and will go out to visit the schools in the near future before making my final decision. I am still leaning slightly towards SIS for now. Am I making a big mistake? Am I making a small mistake? Thanks for the input.

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