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GRE Score for top MS Computer Science Programs


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Hi all -


I am planning to apply for a Masters in Computer Science starting Fall 2014. I want to apply to top schools (for me top schools is top 20).


Somebackground Info:

- undergrad at UCSD

- overall gpa was 3.53, upper div is >= 3.6

- two years of work experience in the software industry

- took a year off and lived abroad under the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship

- 2 great letters of rec from professors, inspite of it being more than 3 years since I graduated

- 1 letter of rec from a previous employer who i was close to

- volunteer and teach 1st period computer science at a local high school


I took the GRE in October and got V: 163, Q: 160, AWA: 4. 

I thought the quant was not good enough, so I took it again today with a V: 159, Q: 162, AWA: unknown

I'm happy that I did better on the quant, but still not representative of the 164+ I was getting on all the practice tests (ugh).  I'm also not happy that the overall score went down.


A lot of schools say they take the best scores? What does this mean? The best for each individual section? If that's the case I'm pretty happy with a V: 163, Q: 162.


Also, is my gre going to disqualify me from top schools (like stanford, cmu, mit, harvard, columbia, ucla)? I see a lot of people with great scores (Q > 164), and that kind of worries me.


Also, places like stanford and harvard (on their applications) request that you report your scores. They say pick the ONE test sitting that you want them to consider. Which of my gre sessions should I list?

1) V: 163, Q: 160, AWA: 4                    total: 323
2) V: 159, Q: 162, AWA: unknown        total: 321



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