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AWA issue essay


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Governments should focus on solving the immediate problems of today rather than on trying to solve the anticipated problems of the future.



Problems faced by governments are multifaceted and numerous that most governments fail to accomplish a lot while in power. But, I believe government should both solve present problems and anticipated problems of the future.



Governments are obligated to improve the present well-being of its citizens. By virtue of being put in power by the public, governments have to meet some of their basic needs. Such needs could range from education, energy, social amenities to infrastructure. This is because even if government is able to tackle problems of the future, their tenure will be seen through the critical lens of the present problems. For example, in Nigeria inadequate power or energy supply is an immediate problem that successive governments have failed to solve. Citizens use this as a yardstick of how effective a particular government was.



On the other hand, anticipated problems are important. Such problems could make or mar future generations, if plans are not laid down to tackle such problems. For instance, global warming, world leaders have reached a consensus that there will be global adverse effects if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduce. Imagine a future with a depleted ozone layer; the public will be susceptible to various illnesses, there will be flooding and famine in some countries, tsunamis and hurricanes in a greater proportion. Governments that fail to plan are planning to fail its unseen generation.



Also to aptly illustrate my point on anticipated problems. Take the example of a world power like the United States. The White House has continue to sponsor research on alternative energy sources which has produced hybrid fuels like shale gas, so that the United States does not fall victim on dependence on a hostile nation, which could threaten its national security.



In summary, both immediate and anticipated problems of the future are important. Governments should solve problems that will benefit their citizens both presently and in the future. 

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